Gp Renewables

Whether driving or not, we all find a city map updates for one year has not keep up with the pace of development of urban construction, urban renewal, Old Road, build a new, residential and building one after another stand, one after overpass is 1, together with the constant expansion of the city, people travel more and need a car detailer, while driving often can not find the road is common, running the wrong way, oil is not expensive fees that day gave a good mood destroyed, so they can have a real-time updates of “map” is particularly important.

Car Navigation Miriam market came into being. GPS English full name is GlobalPositionSystem, translated into the global positioning system. Car GPS Navigation Instrument, by definition, that is, driving position and lead the way for. Its function is to our journey between origin and destination, route planning of a scientific and reasonable, and made under the line of real-time reminder.

In China, along with the domestic auto market’s hot and because of the high-technology car GPS Mongolia veil and the enormous profits for a time on the GPS navigation market growing brand. At the same time, there are a large number do not have the production and development of qualified enterprises involved, which led to many brands on the market, of varying quality to the consumer to bring a great deal of inconvenience. How to Choose a Car GPS? We recommend the 6 “election.”

Car GPS First, select chip As a navigation product, we are most concerned about is its absolute ability to receive satellite, or signal reception. Currently on the market Sell Most car GPS will be used SiRFStarIII third-generation chip, the advantages of such chips is blocked and in a case of bad weather conditions can capture and track the signal, caused tall buildings to reduce signal interference. In addition, the chip is good or bad is also directly related to the computation faster and more accurate when the path is good or bad. To the same destination, the chip may appear different in different routes, but we need the best route.

Second, choose the brand Buy big brand products not only their own quality assurance, but also can enjoy a certain number of years of free upgrades. International brands include any of us are familiar with Garmin I travel series, Mio’s mio series, and such as NAVMAN and Leadtek brands from Europe and Taiwan, of course, also joined the Nokia Car GPS even more attention. Domestic brands is endless, like Newman, Aigo, Shinco, Malata, Austria video, Freelander, the wizard of God and other brands. In fact, the election is in select aftermarket brand, for GPS navigation products, the follow-up service is more important, because the map is updated in real time. Different vendors, access to map data from different sources, the update free of charge There are various ways. Good understanding of the time of purchase, avoid the use of some non-post to avoid trouble.

Third, the election map, Electronic GPS navigation map is a navigation device which work is another important component, electronic navigation map of the right or the owner can directly determine more quickly, more easily reach the destination. In the current market, whether locally or entirely imported, GPS built-in map is nothing but one of the few national map of the resources, the quality is uneven, and often can not update the map information to the user inconvenience. In general, the regular brand of GPS navigation device will provide free updates for one year, or by the number of calculations in support of about 2 free update service. And update the map after this need to pay a fee, generally updated GPS map business map of the level maintained at half time, some companies updated every three months data, update the cost of the hundred or so. Upgrades are mainly downloaded through the network, are relatively simple.